What is a Charter School?

Charter Schools are self-governing, non-profit public schools designed to provide innovative or enhanced education programs that improve the attainment of student skills and knowledge.  Charter Schools have characteristics that set them apart from other public schools in meeting the needs of a particular group of students through a specific program or teaching/learning approach while following Alberta Education’s Program of Studies.


Is Aurora Academic Charter School a private school?

Aurora is not a private school.  We are publicly funded school but are not part of another school board such as Edmonton Public School Board.


Are there tuition fees?

As Aurora School is not a private school there are no tuition fees, only a yearly resource fee which includes lunchroom supervision, textbook rental and art fee.


Does Aurora have a waiting list?

As a public school, we are obligated to take students on a first-come, first-served basis.  We limit our class size to 20 in Kindergarten to Grade 3, 22 in Grades 4 to 6, and 24 in Grades 7 to 9.  Students for whom there is not an immediate opening may add their names to our waiting list using our on-line pre-registration form.  Families with siblings already enrolled are given priority.  As part of the registration process, each new student is required to complete a placement assessment to assist us in assuring that his/her grade level is appropriate.


The entrance age for ECS children of Aurora School Ltd. is such that the prospective student is 4 years and 6 months as of September 1 of the year they begin kindergarten (four years by March 1 of the assessment year prior to kindergarten).


What are the admission requirements?

In order to attend, your children must have a right of access to education as outlined:

The student must be, as of September 1 of the school year, 6 years of age or older and younger than 19 years of age and be: 

  • a Canadian citizen; 
  • a permanent resident; 
  • a child of a Canadian citizen (biological or adopted); or 
  • a child of an individual who is lawfully admitted for permanent or temporary residence (biological or adopted). (For a definition of “temporary resident” see the Guidelines to Section 8 of the School Act.) 


Does Aurora School provide busing to the school?

Yellow school bus service is provided to the areas of south Edmonton, southeast Edmonton, west Edmonton and north Edmonton.  Our bus service is not a door-to-door service and is designed with the expectation that parents may be required to drive students to their assigned stop.  Route information and route maps are available on our website under Students & Parents/Busing.  We also offer subsidized ETS student bus passes for Aurora students using Edmonton Transit.


Is there lunch hour bus service for ECS students?

Aurora School does not have yellow bus service during the lunch hour.  Parents will be required to pick up or drop off their child if they are in our ECS half day program.


Are there any early dismissal days?

Student timetables start and end at the same time Monday through Friday.  There are no early dismissal days or half days.


Does Aurora have a study period?

Aurora offers an optional study period (Monday through Friday) at the end of the day for those students who wish to receive extra help.


Does Aurora give homework?

A reasonable amount of homework from Kindergarten onwards promotes self-discipline, reinforces concepts covered in the classroom, and serves as preparation for future lessons.  We aim to provide 10 to 15 minutes of homework per night in Kindergarten and a further 10 to 15 minutes per night for each successive grade to junior high, when the amount should level off at about 90 minutes per night.


Does Aurora have a school uniform?

Top Marks is the uniform supplier for Aurora Academic.  Policy requires that students be properly outfitted in school uniform each day.  All tops and bottoms must be purchased through Top Marks.  Students are required to wear uniform attire as outlined under Dress Days for all assemblies.  School uniform is to be worn on school trips and during all activities outside of the school when representing Aurora School.  Any exceptions will be noted by the teacher or teachers sponsoring outside events.


Does Aurora School offer Options?

Aurora offers a variety of options to students in Grades 7 to 9 such as:  Foods, Art, No Sew Fashion, Drama, Sports, Musical Theatre, Leadership, Film Studies, Sci/Tech I & II, and Music/Guitar.  Options may vary from year to year.


Student Extended Absence Policy?

Aurora School is unique, and serious about providing a structured academic program. Academic success is directly impacted by attendance, and therefore, any activity which inhibits a student’s ability to attend class inhibits their ability to learn.  The first priority of the school is education and, as such, the school cannot support extended absences.  If families choose to take an extended absence, parents must accept that there is an academic cost involved with missed curriculum and school time.  By the end of the year, parents should reasonably expect that student marks will be affected due to the loss of school time.


What about Before/After School Care?

Aurora School does not provide before or after-school care.