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Sunday, June 29, 2014
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Aurora School
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Welcome to our new website!

You'll notice that the site looks very different than it used to.  It has had a comprehensive overhaul, and we hope you like what you see.

As fresh and clean as it is, there may still be some hiccups along the way.  We've migrated the server, created contemporary, vibrant graphics, added content, and have completely redesigned its structure.  If you notice any errors, please let us know; our new content management system allows us to edit the pages directly and quickly.

Everything you are accustomed to on the old website is still here, and more.  Registration, bussing, schedules, homework - they are all present, as well as some new features; blog posts, calendar scheduling, and links to other educational websiites to name a few.  We are not done though, as our next phase will be the development of the Aurora Portal, a secondary site that allows information to flow smoothly between staff, parents, and students.  We are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Our goal is to make everything about the Aurora Academic Charter School website as easy to reach and understand for our viewers as possible.  We want to share ourselves with you, and, in turn, have you share with us.

We are very excited to take this journey together.


Ian Gray


Elementary School Campus