Frequently Asked Questions



Why does the Aurora Board of Directors want to develop more parking lot spaces?

Parents who driver their children to Aurora before school or pick them up after school know that our adjacent roads are very congested and that there are very few available parking spaces in the front of the school or on the streets near Aurora. The school administration and the Aurora School Council have attempted to assist traffic flow by directing traffic, discussing the problem at meetings and purchasing parking signs etc.

The fact is that we are a growing school and traffic/parking issues are becoming more problematic. With construction adding new spaces for students, increased staff parking needs and more parents driving students, our Board has hired Arrow Engineering to conduct a traffic study and work on a parking design that will be taken to the City of Edmonton for regulatory approval to increase parking spaces for staff and parents visiting Aurora.

Aurora currently has 50 parking stalls. However, Arrow Engineering has advised us that the City of Edmonton Land-use bylaws require Aurora to have at least 90 parking stalls. After considering the advice from Arrow Engineering, the Aurora Board of Directors has asked for plans to be developed that would expand the staff parking lot southward. A new parking lot entrance will also be developed to enhance student safety and take traffic away from the student entrance.

Aurora absolutely needs more parking spaces. Our parents who drive to school recognize this, our traffic consultants have informed us of our obvious parking problems and it has been brought to our attention that we are not meeting the City Land-use Bylaw for parking requirements. We also need to be respectful of the neighborhood community and residential traffic flow, and create a safe environment for our students and families.



Why has the Aurora Board of Directors decided seek a development permit from the City for parking expansion of the current staff parking area southward into the student playground area?

Traffic consultants examined the entire school property. Parking on the east side of the property was ruled out for reasons of: poor sight lines on the curved road, narrowness of the road (9 meters) and distance from elementary classrooms and school office. The south west location was chosen as the most obvious parking lot location by independent consulting contractors. The access road in wider (11 meters), the sight lines better and it is near the elementary wing and proposed new elementary office/reception area. Student safety will also be enhanced in the new parking concept plan.

The one parental concern about expanded parking on the south west location is that this area is directly between the elementary entrance and the playground that our children well use. In consideration this high use student area, student movement will be well protected with safety fences and marked cross walk zones. Student safety in the near the proposed parking lot will be better than current conditions.

Regarding the concern that the proposed parking area will reduce available green play area, this would be true whatever the parking lot location chosen. The solution to the shrinking play area issue is that the school is planning for a staggered lunch and recess periods. While the play area will be reduced somewhat, the numbers of students using the play area will also be significantly reduced. This approach will enhance safety and provide comparatively more play area for our students.